Halloween: Blatantly Pagan

Christians and Halloween

Welper… it’s that time of year again: the justification and sugar-coating of the blatantly evil holiday called Halloween, and then on to the hypocritical “Thanks Giving”, and then on to the celebration of the birth”date” of Day Star, i.e. Lucifer, under the guise of celebrating the birthday of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Astonishingly, the Bible reveals that Jesus Christ was born around three months before December 25th, around the end of September (See: Is Christmas Christian?). And history shows that what is commonly called Christmas today was originally a pagan celebration which predates Christianity by centuries (See Jeremiah 10:2-4). Also it may come as a surprise to learn that Jesus Christ never celebrated His birthday, and that birthday observance is one of the highest holidays among satanists.

Festivals of Death?

But I get ahead of myself… the purpose of this blog is to expose Halloween for the farce that it is. Halloween has its origins in superstition and paganism. Going back 2000 plus years, the participants would set sweets, leg of lamb, veggies, wine and other goods to feed evil spirits on their way back to the netherworld, for safety and well being’s sake. They feared that if they didn’t, the evil spirits would put a curse on their home.

“The American version of Halloween came from Ireland … The potato famine in 1840 brought thousands of immigrants from the Emerald Isle. With them came goblins, jack-0-lanterns, bonfires, apples, nuts, and pranks …

The Irish are also responsible for bringing trick or treating to great popularity in America. In Ireland on October 31, peasants went from house to house to receive offerings to their Druid god, Muck Olla. This procession stopped at each house to tell the farmer his prosperity was due to the benevolence of Muck Olla … or else misfortune might befall the farmer and his crops.

Few farmers risked any such displeasure of the pagan deity, so the procession returned home with eggs, butter, potatoes, and in some cases, coins … To the Irish farmers this was no joke; they greatly feared the Celtic god might destroy their homes and barns … Trick or treat is part of this pagan heritage.”

[“Pagan Traditions of the Holidays”. p. 78-79].

Like many of the traditional holidays we were raised observing it was foisted upon us by those who suppose they have the authority to “change times and laws”. Halloween is also known as, All Hallows’ Eve, which is followed by another pagan holiday called All Saints’ Day (See: All Saint’s Day, Wikipedia). Yet God plainly states in His inspired Word that His people are not to worship Him in the way that the heathen worship their gods, and that we are to neither add to nor take away from His Word (Deuteronomy 12:30-32; Proverbs 30:5-6; Revelation 22:18-19).

One last point for Christians to consider: Halloween is also a highly esteemed holiday among satanists (See: Satanic Holidays, Wikipedia). This being the case, how much sugar-coating will it take, after reading this, to make justifying the keeping of this pagan holiday palatable for those who call themselves “Christian”?


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