The Prophecy of Tyre – Ezekiel 26

The Prophecy Concerning Tyre

One of the most stunning fulfilled prophecies found in the Bible (although I don’t believe the prophecy is complete) is that of Tyre. It is today called Sur, and is around 70 miles south of Beirut, in Lebanon.

The prophecy was given in the 6th century BC. Nebuchadnezzar began the fulfillment of this prophecy around 598 BC, as ordain by God (Ezek 26:7). Ezekiel was a contemporary of Nebuchadnezzar, yet his assault on the city was to be only the beginning. For God said He would bring many nations to come against Tyre, like the waves of the sea (Ezek 26:3).

As the prophecy foretold, its 150′ high walls, and its towers were destroyed, and it was literally scraped bare like the top of a rock around 250 years after Nebuchadnezzar besieged it, by Alexander the Great in roughly 332 BC (Ezek 26:4). Of course, this was after Persia attacked the city fortress around 538 BC, then again around 386-384 BC.

In 315 BC, Alexander’s former general Antigonus began his own siege of Tyre, taking the city a year later. Then Ptolemy recaptured the city in 290 BC. It then wobbled between Ptolemaic and Seleucid rule until 125 BC when Tyre proclaimed its independence again.

Enter the Roman Empire

In 64 BC Rome absorbed the last of the Greek Empire, and Tyre, while not directly attacked by Rome, was certainly owned by Rome. Then around 193 AD Pescennius Niger sent warriors of the Moors to attack Tyre. After this, the city maintained relative peace under Roman rule until the end of the 4th century AD when some of the Huns invaded the area.

Then again in the beginning of the 7th century AD King Khusrau II invaded Syria and conquered and destroyed many of the cities of the region. The chaos gave opportunity for the Arabs to move in, and Tyre became the naval base of the Umayyad caliphs. Tyre flourished whilst Damascus was the capital of Islam. When the Abbasid caliphs moved the capital to Bagdad, Tyre went into decline.

Meanwhile, the Crusaders had made their mark around 1124, and in 1291 the Mamluks captured and destroyed the city.

Yes! Wave upon wave, as the waves of the sea, over a period of roughly 900 years at this point, had the nations come upon Tyre, just as God said it would be (Ezek 26:3). Tyre was cast out, and destroyed by fire, just as God foretold (Zech 9:2-4)!

Tyre Today

I have worked with people from Lebanon. I asked one person about Tyre, and he told me it is now called Sur. I asked him if the primary thing about it was fishing. He acknowledged that it was, and was amazed and delighted that I knew so much about his native homeland. I explained to him I had learned what I knew about the area from the Bible, and I was speaking specifically of this prophecy found in Ezekiel. Indeed, Tyre has become a well-known fishing town, a place for “the spreading of nets” (Ezek 26:14). It never has regained the prominent position in world affairs that it once boasted. Nor will it ever.

Although much of this prophecy has been fulfilled, I do believe it is still being fulfilled, and will continue to be fulfilled until Jesus Christ returns to set up the Kingdom of God. Too many things have happened in exact detail to deny the validity and veracity of Bible prophecy, yet the city is still “findable”. This only means that God is not done, and as always, He has left a loophole for the skeptics to retain their cynicism, until the appointed time (Ezek 26:21).


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