Unrestrained Moral Decline

The Biblical Perspective

The Bible has much to say about such a state of society. Sodom and Gomorrah and the world in Noah’s day both fit the bill. And the Bible also reveals, in both of these examples, how God feels about such a state of affairs (Gen 6:5-7, 11-13, 17; Gen 13:13; Gen 19).

There is one particular verse in the Bible that is very poignant about such a state. In the Book of Proverbs we find that, “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; But happy is he who keeps the law.” (Pr 29:18) A clearer rendering might be, “Where there is no prophetic vision the people cut loose, run wild, let it all hang out; but blessed and happy is he who keeps the law.”

I find interesting that in reality you cannot have real prophetic vision without obedience to God (Psalm 111:10; John 7:17; 8:31-32; Daniel 2:19-23), and yet prophetic vision helps us stay focused on God with fear, that we may be obedient. Prophetic vision and obedience walk hand in hand and also bolster each other.

A couple of related verses to Pr 29:18 are Exodus 32:25 and 2 Chronicles 28:19. In Exodus 32:25 we find the situation where Moses went up to receive the Ten Commandments from God and the people became impatient and forced Aaron to craft an idol (Ex 32:1). As the Apostle Paul describes it, “The people sat down to eat and rose up to play.” (1 Cor 10:7). They weren’t playing dodge ball or tiddlywinks, they were involved with revelry and illicit sexual behavior, or misbehavior. They were “unrestrained”, “naked”, and “running wild”.

In 2 Chronicles 28:19 we find a situation where the leadership of the house of Israel had “encouraged moral decline” in not only his own nation, but also in the nation of Judah. This is what we are seeing ever more increasingly in our once-great nation, today. The leadership of society: political, religious, and also the media as well as the educational system, are all contributing to the horrific state of affairs we now see. Abortion? Same-sex marriage? Forced insurance and other corrupt methods of fleecing its citizens? Where to stand up for what is right makes one ever more increasingly a target (Is 59:15). Even many of the inhabitants are so brainwashed by the propaganda machine that they will turn against you if you speak the Truth! Think I’m joking? Go to Youtube to an active video about evolution and just post something like, “Well, I think it might be possible that there is some kind of Creator who started all of this.” or an active video on same-sex marriage and say something like, “If it is okay to be gay, why can’t homosexuals reproduce and procreate?” or an active video on abortion and say something like, “Statistics show that most abortions are proven to be merely a form of birth control, and rarely are the pregnancies caused by rape or incest.” You will likely be called, stupid and uneducated, a homophobic bigot, and a male chauvinist pig, or if you’re a woman, one who has been brainwashed by a patriarchal society.

It is completely insane! Yet, the Bible reveals that before Christ returns mankind will become ever more and increasingly, rebellious against God (Check out, The Great Rebellion Against God). The fact is that there is an unseen realm to reality, and there is an evil god who rules this present age and society, although he can go no further than the Great God allows. Yet, because man chose, and continues daily to choose, this evil god, Satan the Devil, the Eternal God does allow man to reap the consequences of his own choices and actions! (See Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity.)

God speed the Day when Jesus Christ returns to set up the Kingdom of God upon this planet!


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