Adverse Weather: merely a symptom

Flood and Drought

In spite of the skepticism of many in today’s society, adverse weather continues to ravage the United States of America. While one part of the nation is burning up due to drought and the subsequent fires produced thereby, other parts of the nation suffer from tremendous storms and flooding. With the combination of Satan’s three-fold assault (false religion which justifies the practice of sin in one way or another; the hoax of evolution; and the resulting false and illicit abrogation of God’s Law) on the English-speaking British descended nations, and the world in general, it’s no wonder we see the horrific weather problems wreaking such havoc in our lands. Where will it all end? Will things get better… or will they continue to get worse?

God promised national blessings for obedience and national punishment for despising His laws (cf. Leviticus 26 & Deuteronomy 28). He specifically warns of flooding one area while depriving another area of much-needed water (Amos 4:7). He warns of burning areas up with fire (Amos 4:11). Yet, as He says repeatedly, we refuse to repent and go back to Him. What does all of this portend for the future of our much-loved and once-great nation, and the world?



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