A Strong Man in Time of Crisis?

Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg

With the major economic problems going on in Europe, it is just about time for a Strong Man to arise to grab the ol’ bull by the horns and “get stuff done” over there. Interestingly enough, Baron Guttenberg has very recently headed back home to Germany. It seems he got himself in hot water with plagiarism and came to the US in hopes of gaining the favor which often comes with the passing of time.

It’s not certain that he will become the prophesied Beast of Revelation, but with his many credentials his candidacy is a definite possibility. And it seems he may have already gained that forgiveness which comes with time. EU Vice President, Neelie Kroes made the comment regarding Guttenberg, “I am looking for talents, I am not looking for saints”.

It remains to be seen if the Baron will indeed turn out to be the one to fulfill the prophetic role of the end time Beast of Revelation. One thing is for sure: someone is going to be coming onto the scene to fulfill the role, very soon!

See the article: Baron zu Guttenberg returns from exile


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