Germany’s rise and the Vatican’s eye on Jerusalem

Europa riding Zeus ... the woman rides the beast. This statue is displayed in front of the government offices of the EU in Brussels.

With the UK recently being sidelined from the EU after British Prime Minister, David Cameron, stood against treaties drawn up to resolve the EU debt crisis, and the Vatican’s agenda to lay claim to holy sites in Jerusalem, it appears that prophetic trends are clearly under way. Add in the fact that the Middle East has been going through major power shifts and political upheaval, the moral, economical and influential decline of the US and UK, as well as the major upsets in weather, earthquakes in various places, food shortages and problems with diseases… it is only the willfully ignorant, who refuse to see, who are blinded by their own desperate grasping of “coincidence”.

Germany’s Rise

The antagonism between the UK and Germany generated by these latest turn of events is quite evident. Germany and much of the EU sees PM Cameron’s veto as a UK snub toward the rest of Europe in a time of need, while the UK views Germany’s efforts as an attempt, an agenda to economically conquer Europe by stealth to usher in a ‘Fourth Reich’. The following quotes are taken from an article published by Spiegel Online International:

The English Channel has suddenly become wider, deeper and foggier once again. The London-based Daily Telegraph newspaper has warned its readers against what it calls Berlin’s blatant effort to dominate Europe and already sees “a new era of Anglo-German antagonism” on the horizon — again characterized by two leaders who are bound together in their sincere dislike for each other, like past leaders of the two countries: Helmut Kohl and Margaret Thatcher, or Gerhard Schröder and Tony Blair. Reverend Peter Mullen, the Anglican chaplain to the London Stock Exchange, where he is not popular for his crude views, goes even further. According to Mullen, Germans tried to achieve hegemony in Europe by military force in 1870, 1914 and 1939, and now Merkel is trying to do the same with the weapons of the financial system.

Distrust of the European Union goes hand-in-hand with distrust of Germany, especially among “euroskeptics,” the current euphemism for the many haters of the EU in Britain. The headline “Welcome to the Fourth Reich” in the high-circulation Daily Mail summarized the German-French plans to rescue the monetary union. In another story, the paper wrote: “What we are witnessing is the economic colonisation of Europe by stealth by the Germans.”

To view the entire article click here.

Long time viewers of the Tomorrow’s World Telecast should not be surprised by these trends… the people of the UK and the nations who came from the British Empire are direct descendants of ancient Israel. These specific peoples have inherited the Birthright Promises given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel (Genesis 49:22-26). (To learn the historical proofs of this fact, and the direct prophecies about these peoples, go to Tomorrow’s World website and read, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.) Because of this relationship between God and these peoples, there is a promise of blessings for obedience and a sure warning of curses for disobedience (Leviticus 26; Deuteronomy 28). The people of Modern Germany descend from those of Ancient Assyria. God is going to use the Assyrians, i.e. the German people, to punish His people, including those of Jerusalem, for their rejection of Him and His Laws (Isaiah 10:5-12). (For more information about this important topic read the article: Modern Nations and God’s Ancient Plan.)

The Vatican and Jerusalem

For centuries the Vatican has sought control over the ‘City of Peace’ (see The Vatican wants Jerusalem sites). The history of the Roman Catholic Church in light of Bible prophecy brings several questions and possibilities to mind. First we must understand that the Vatican is the Headquarters of what the Bible calls: Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth (Revelation 17:5 – see Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity). With this in mind we can begin to see things for what they are. When the Vatican gains control of Jerusalem it may be from there that it causes the world to look to the German led EU in worship (Revelation 13:12). If nothing else, the Catholic religion comes straight down from ancient pagan mystery religions that began in ancient Babylon, thus it is spiritually a Gentile religion. Jerusalem is to be trampled by the Gentiles for 42 months at the time of the end (Revelation 11:2). With the pagan and spiritually Gentile Catholic Church there, the stage will be set for more prophetic events to occur. What is the significance of the Vatican wanting to control Jerusalem? The Bible has long foretold these events which were to occur at the end of the age… we have now entered that time. That is the significance of these trends!

God’s people are warned to watch and pray that they may be counted worthy to escape to a place of safety (here on the earth – not in a rapture – Revelation 12:14) from the time of trouble soon to envelop the entire earth, and more importantly to actually stand before the Son of Man in His Kingdom (Luke 21:36).

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