A new meaning to the term “Mother of Harlots”?

Annunciation Catholic Church

It seems the Catholic Church is still in hot water with sex scandals…. The most recent scandal is the selling of pornography by Germany’s largest Catholic-owned publishing house; selling pornographic novels, some real gems with titles bad enough to not mention by name. Not a huge shocker in light of the history of the Catholic Church, yet it is disheartening to see such corruption within an organization that professes the name of Christ. I guess it brings new meaning to the term:






(Rev 17:5)

Although it should take some of the mystery out of the equation for anyone with eyes in their head. The way things are going it is going to take some pretty heavy-duty, eye-popping miracles to win back the lost confidence of many people and fulfill the role it must play at the end of the age.

Who is the Harlot of Revelation 17?


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