Earthquakes in various places…..

Another earthquake strikes in an unusual area… 21 miles from Shawnee, Oklahoma a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck at 10:53 PM Saturday night. Jesus Christ foretold that in the end times great earthquakes would take place in various places, indicating they would take place in areas other than those at obvious fault lines (Luke 21:11; Matt 24:7). In the graph below you can see how earthquakes have spiked in recent years.

God is beginning to intervene in this world’s affairs in a remarkable way! We are witnessing prophecies come to fruition nearly every day in the news headlines; God’s people need to watch and pray as these things continue to occur with increased intensity and frequency.

For more and better reading on this topic click here. Also, to stay abreast of seismic activity throughout the world go to the USGS website.

Earthquake Graph for the Last 38 Years


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