Abortion: Offerings to the god of convenience?

Anciently little children were offered to pagan deities, being burned alive upon an altar. Moloch was one such god. The idol, which had arms to cradle the small child, was super heated with fire. Meanwhile music was being played in a fast hypnotic beat, louder and louder so that when they put the live child in the super-heated cradling arms of the idol, the screams would be somewhat drowned out by the noise of the music.

Today the god is Convenience and the altars are actually in professional medical rooms across the United States of America, which is considered, albeit less and less, a Christian nation, and across the globe.

The statistics are staggering:

In the USA approximately 1.37 million babies are destroyed by their mothers every year. This breaks down to roughly 3753 per day, 156 per hour and between 2.5 to 3 babies murdered every minute, in the United States of America.

Internationally 42 Million babies per year are murdered inside their mother’s womb. This breaks down to about 115,000 per day, 4,800 per hour, 80 per minute, 1.33 per second.

Astounding! Yet, when the world suffers earthquakes, weather disasters, disease outbreaks and other problems, many ask, “If there is a God, why does He let these things happen to us?” But logically, and truly, it seems we should be asking, “With the way we treat each other and murder our own little unborn babies, so our lifestyles aren’t cramped, why is God going so easy on us?”

The hand writing is on the wall…. God will not be mocked (Gal 6:7). He is the Defender of the innocent and He will bring judgment upon any nation that practices such abomination (Lev 26:14-16). Especially if that nation labels itself a Christian nation (Ps 140:12; Jer 7:8-10; 30:12-15).

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A new meaning to the term “Mother of Harlots”?

Annunciation Catholic Church

It seems the Catholic Church is still in hot water with sex scandals…. The most recent scandal is the selling of pornography by Germany’s largest Catholic-owned publishing house; selling pornographic novels, some real gems with titles bad enough to not mention by name. Not a huge shocker in light of the history of the Catholic Church, yet it is disheartening to see such corruption within an organization that professes the name of Christ. I guess it brings new meaning to the term:






(Rev 17:5)

Although it should take some of the mystery out of the equation for anyone with eyes in their head. The way things are going it is going to take some pretty heavy-duty, eye-popping miracles to win back the lost confidence of many people and fulfill the role it must play at the end of the age.

Who is the Harlot of Revelation 17?

Earthquakes in various places…..

Another earthquake strikes in an unusual area… 21 miles from Shawnee, Oklahoma a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck at 10:53 PM Saturday night. Jesus Christ foretold that in the end times great earthquakes would take place in various places, indicating they would take place in areas other than those at obvious fault lines (Luke 21:11; Matt 24:7). In the graph below you can see how earthquakes have spiked in recent years.

God is beginning to intervene in this world’s affairs in a remarkable way! We are witnessing prophecies come to fruition nearly every day in the news headlines; God’s people need to watch and pray as these things continue to occur with increased intensity and frequency.

For more and better reading on this topic click here. Also, to stay abreast of seismic activity throughout the world go to the USGS website.

Earthquake Graph for the Last 38 Years

Palestinians bid for statehood

It looks like things are continuing to fester in the Glorious Land. While the Palestinians claim that the reason for the push for statehood is due to the bogged down “peace process” with Israel, it’s hard to overlook the dynamics of the Arab Spring without seeing some relevance to the situation between Israel and the Palestinians. Understandably, Israel is feeling more and more isolated with the sudden changes in the political atmosphere throughout the Middle East and abroad. Especially in Egypt and Turkey, who were not so long ago at least somewhat cooperative, even if they weren’t truly allies. The situation with the Palestinians is most certainly adding to the unease.

Israel seems to be between a rock and a hard place… they can either give the Palestinians what they want and most assuredly reap missiles upon their citizens for their cooperation. OR they can refuse and continue to have the rest of the world turn against them while they still deal with the threat of terrorism in their land.

God said that before He returns to claim Jerusalem, He would make it a place where there is no peace, a cup of drunkenness and a burdensome stone that cuts in pieces those who try to heave it away (Zech 8:10; 12:2-3). It’s no coincidence that the issue of who gets Jerusalem is brought to the table of the UN.

What is the future of the Middle East? God warns His people events in the Middle East would signal a time of great trouble… we need to watch and pray! Events are continually building up around the world to produce the last act of this present evil age.

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