Inclement Weather Continues to Hammer the US

Extreme weather continues to wreak havoc on the United States of America. In the year 2011 the US suffered major winter storms in the beginning of the year, terrible tornadoes through the spring and early summer, drought and intense heat for much of the south-west through the duration of the summer, and then a hurricane that settled over New England, adding more precipitation to the already saturated conditions there, and now before the month of October has even ended we have a freak winter storm that has left 1.7 million people without electricity! What is going on?

As our nation turns further and further away from God these powerfully destructive storms will continue to grow in ferocity and frequency (Lev 26:14-15, 19; Deut 28:23). For a detailed look at this phenomenon, go to and check out the booklet “Who Controls the Weather?“.


One thought on “Inclement Weather Continues to Hammer the US

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