In a couple of days candy will go on clearance and Christmas lights will be marketed to the masses, not to mention mega sales on everything from game consoles to automobiles for the upcoming holiday season.

I have to wonder how many will stop to question why we, a so-called “Christian” nation, observe these holidays. It seems that many go from dressing their children up like demons and other evil creatures to touting phrases like, “put Christ back in Christmas” (a thing He was never in – but we’ll save that for another blog) in a matter of days, without ever wondering if Christ would don His children in demonic garb to go out on self-seeking treks to greedily get bags of stuff that make your teeth rot out of your head. (I guess it isn’t any more self-seeking than running into the living room to find out what Satan Clause left us under the Christmas Tree.) Maybe for some I paint too dark a picture about Halloween (and Christmas), but for me that’s what it was always all about: “What can I get, for me? How much of it can I get, for me?”

I’m glad I don’t have to waste my time with these burdens any more. Yet many are still burdened by these time-honored, yet satanically spawned, traditions of men. Ironically, God’s holy days, which when kept are a source of freedom, are referred to as a burden, as work. Those who observe them are often accused of trying to earn salvation through works. We just returned from observing the Feast of Tabernacles, a Feast where everyone goes to worship the Great God and to live like kings and queens, and princes and princesses for a week together, serving God and each other. There is just no comparison between God’s Holy Days, which reveal God’s plan of salvation for all mankind, and man’s traditional holidays, which actually obscure God’s plan of salvation for all mankind. It will be a Great Day when all of mankind is free from the shackles of hypnotic deception to worship the Great God in Spirit and Truth. A time when Satan is no longer here to hinder mankind with nonsense and distraction.

God speed that Day!


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