Earthquakes and other natural disasters

Since Boxing Day 2004 when the magnitude 9.1 earthquake rocked the Indian Ocean, causing widespread damage and a massive tsunami which killed over an estimated quarter of a million people, earthquakes have continued to terrorize mankind around the globe. From the Middle East to the Ring of Fire, which includes Christchurch, NZ and the tsunami spawning earthquake that devastated Japan in March of 2011, to the East Coast of the United States, earthquakes seem to be on the rise in both occurrence and magnitude. Most recently Turkey is suffering from a devastating 7.2 earthquake, killing hundreds and leaving tens of thousands homeless. Check out: Earthquakes shake the globe

In addition to earthquakes, horrific weather systems continue to crop up and plague the world on every continent. Hurricanes & typhoons, drought and horrifying tornadoes terrify and devastate people across the globe. Is there a reason for these things, or is it merely coincidence? Who Controls the Weather?

Ever more sporadic world events seem to indicate that we are in the biblically referenced “end times”.

Watch and pray.


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